Our partnership model gives us a unique vantage point over the whole Life and Pensions value chain. Discover the insights we’re picking up along the way.


    Lumera: The Prudent Revolution to change Life and Pensions

    Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks – Founders The DIA Community on Jul 14, 2022. Customers, companies and industries are used to the endless opportunities of digital. This digital…


    The value of AI in the Life & Pensions sector

    Lumera researchers have done pioneering efforts to make AI an effective, yet trusted tool for Life & Pension professionals. We show how AI-driven insights can enrich complex L & P advice,…


    As Lumera addresses new markets, we carry our experience from Scandinavia

    A word from our CEO 2022 got off to a bright start. With the peak of the Covid pandemic behind us, we escaped lockdown restrictions, returned to our offices and business life felt near normal again.…


    Data Insights with Lumera

    Policy data analytics provides an unmatched reflection of your business reality – your past performance, current operations and future competitive posture. Our policy administration environment…


    Efficiency with Lumera

    Efficiency isn’t just about automation – it’s about streamlining your operations to get to better outcomes, faster. But when decades of technical debt dictate your operations, your organization…


    The new pension contract: experiences from Scandinavia

    Scandinavian countries have embarked on the road to DC pensions earlier than the Netherlands. Those experiences offer valuable insights for Dutch pension funds in the transition to the new…


    Nordnet – the winner of the 2021 Lumera Trophy of the year

    Nordnet, the leading Nordic digital savings and investment bank, is the winner of the 2021 Lumera Trophy of the year with the project “Egen Pensjonskonto” (EPK). For the insurance industry and…


    Movestic: Building digital industry leadership

    There are various ways to improve the digitalization of customer interaction and internal efficiency, not least for an insurer running multiple lines of business. The innovative Swedish insurer…


    Increased flexibility and efficiency in the management of risk insurance

    Movestic wanted to discard its legacy system, which contained a large variety of products with many different variants. This meant that tough decisions had to be made to reach the goal of becoming a…


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