Our partnership model gives us a unique vantage point over the whole Life and Pensions value chain. Discover the insights we’re picking up along the way.


    Highlights Morning Insights webinar – How to succeed with data and system migration

    On April 25th, Lumera invited representatives from the Nordic Life and Pensions industry to join a webinar about how to succeed with data and system migration. Jenny Dennemark from Lumera moderated…


    Partner enabled solution for pension funds

    PP Pension wanted to leave their old system solutions and move towards standard systems, automation, digitalization and at the same time minimize risk. Through successful cooperation between Lumera…


    A migration factory for unit-linked and traditional insurance

    Since 2008, Lumera has helped insurers migrate close to 12 million policies from legacy systems to our Policy Administration Environment. One of the most significant drivers for transforming their…


    Better insurance terms for 400,000 savers in municipality, region and state

    Together with Lumera, AMF completed an extensive simplification and modernization project in 2021, which resulted in 400,000 customers receiving the latest and best insurance terms for all their…


    Business model innovation for a customer-centric future

    Since the turn of the millennium, industry by industry has experienced disruptive change. This typically entails a shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric perspective. The outcome is…


    Trophy of the year nominee: Nordea External insurance provider

    With the customer in focus, Nordea wanted to maximize the customer experience by offering an overall view and a complete service for their customers’ needs. To be able to offer market-leading…


    Emerging platform business models in the Nordic Life and Pensions industry

    Business ecosystems are developing at remarkable speed, some enabled by changes in the ways we consume and produce, and others resulting from such transformation. Successful platforms like Google,…


    Trophy of the year nominee: Nordnet Egen pensjonskonto (EPK)

    Through Trophy of the year, Lumera highlights innovative customer projects that create more efficient administrative processes, lower costs and improve quality. We want to raise attention to the…


    Getting ready for the new Dutch pension reform

    Inevitably, the Dutch Pensions market is changing. Providers like you need a clear, and safe, path forwards, when facing the challenges – and opportunities – that come with the new Pension…


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