Management and board

Our leadership team is committed to the disruption-free digital transformation of the Life and Pensions industry through partnership and leading technical solutions.

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Executive Management Team

The management team combines decades of experience in software development and the insurance industry with a real understanding of digital transformation in complex industries.

Mats Lillienberg

Meet: Mats Lillienberg, CEO

Employed since: 2018

Mats has many years’ experience working as a manager for global IT and software organisations in the Finance, Logistics and Telecommunications sectors. His key task is to deliver products of high quality with a focus on the customers.

Patrik Stålberg

Meet: Patrik Stålberg, CFO

Employed since: 2019

Patrik has 25 years’ experience in financial leadership in several industries globally. His focus is on growth and a strong partnership between finance and operations.

Per Brandt

Meet: Per Brandt, CTO

Employed since: 2019

Per has many years’ experience working with leaders, teams and staff to help them create the right products in the right way, with a focus on quality and speed. Per is responsible for R&D and Product Management.

Martin Sandén

Meet: Martin Sandén, CDO

Employed since: 2013

Martin is responsible for our CRM, PS and Operations Team. He leads the work by delivering value to our customers. This includes implementation projects, consultancy services, fixed services and support.

Anne Rexmark

Meet: Anne Rexmark, Chief HR Officer, CHRO

Employed since: 2019

Anne is a business-oriented HR head, who’s driven by management and development. She’s an experienced manager of change and contributes to the company’s objectives. Anne ensures that the business receives quality support from HR.

Mike Telfer

Meet: Mike Telfer, Chief Commercial Officer, CCO

Employed since: 2020

Mike is an experienced software executive having worked for more than 30 years in a variety of roles with a primary focus on commercial leadership covering new business sales, account development and account management. Mike is responsible for managing and developing Lumera’s sales efforts and sales strategies.

Magnus Gammelgård

Meet: Magnus Gammelgård, Chief Business Development Officer, CBDO

Employed since: 2018

Magnus has many years’ of experience in managing and developing banking and insurance companies. He’s responsible for the development of Lumera’s business and operations and his goal is to increase profitability and long-term growth.

Christine Blinke

Meet: Christine Blinke, CMO

Employed since: 2020

Christine has more than 20 years’ experience in international B2B marketing with leading roles at several successful tech companies. She is responsible for Lumera’s marketing strategy, marketing communications and brand development.

Øyvind Grini

Meet: Øyvind Grini, CEO Lumera Norway

Employed since: 2019

Øyvind is responsible for Lumera’s operations in Norway. He has many years of experience within Life insurance, actuarial consulting, finance and software development. Øyvind ensures that our solutions are developed, delivered and adapted to our customers’ needs.

Johan Rudén

Meet: Johan Rudén, COO

Employed since: 2022

Johan has more than 30 years of management experience, having focused on developing businesses and customer experience in various industries. His main responsibility is to develop Lumera’s organization and offering, working closely with department heads and supervisors to support the day-to-day activity of employees.

Company board

Our board is made up of leaders from a range of industries including software, tech and Life and Pensions. They’re committed to our vision of a Prudent Revolution.

Peter Larsson

Meet: Peter Larsson, Chairman of the Board

Peter Larsson has held a number of senior positions in the software industry, including CTO of Front Capital Systems, CEO of Protect Data and Episerver, and President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies.

Thomas Bill

Meet: Thomas Bill, Board member

Thomas Bill has held a number of senior positions in the software industry, including Global VP Sales and COO of Front Capital Systems, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies, and CEO of Protect Data and Orc Software.

Malin Björkmo

Meet: Malin Björkmo, Board member

Malin Bjökmo advises the board on insurance industry matter. She’s responsible for insurance at Finansinspektionen, asset management at Skandia Liv and CEO of Storebrand Liv Swedish branch. Malin Björkmo currently also has a number of board assignments in the financial sector.

Magnus Hansson

Meet: Magnus Hansson, Board Member

Magnus has many years of experience from leading financial positions in several industries. Since 2015, he is CFO at the business software company Lime Technologies. Magnus has worked with corporate governance for over 10 years, including as board member of European House of Beds AB and Ingenius AB.

Hans von Knorring

Meet: Hans von Knorring, Board member

From 1999-2003 Hans was Head of Development for Swedbank Robur. One of his tasks was to find a flexible solution for Swedbank’s ambitious plans in pension and life insurance. The solution was to develop it themselves. Hans is one of the founders and was CEO of Lumera from 2003 to 2015.

Anette Norberg

Meet: Anette Norberg, Board member

Anette Norberg has unique experience in DB and DC pensions as well as in a wide range of life insurance companies, profit sharing in bank assurance, mutual insurance companies and health insurance providers.

Lars Stugemo

Meet: Lars Stugemo, Board member

Lars Stugemo is an experienced tech entrepreneur, the co-founder and former President and CEO of HiQ International. He led HiQ, listed on Nasdaq OMX, for more than 20 years. Lars currently serves on the boards of Camfil AB, Kambi Ltd (Chair). Lime Technologies and the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation and is an elected Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).