Lifelong partnership built specifically to de-risk transformational change for the whole Life and Pensions industry.

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Lifelong transformation partnership

Transformation in Life and Pensions is about balance between faultless continuity, lifelong intricacy and ever-escalating complexity.

And that means you need a unique kind of partnership with a unique kind of partner.

One with the domain expertise needed to interpret rapid and complex regulatory shifts into nuanced, sustainable cloud-native technology responses.

One whose business model depends on your long term success while also driving towards autonomy and independence.

One specialized in refining long term transformational goals into a sustainable sequence of high-value wins.

What our partnership looks like

Lumera is built on partnership. It’s in our blood, our operating model and our technology.

We’re driving our customers forwards together – individually, and as a whole industry.

Through the Lumera Alliance, we bring customers together to guide the development of the platform – to help the whole Life and Pensions industry advance towards agility, efficiency and effectiveness together.

That means you get dedicated strategic and technical guidance to translate business objectives and legal requirements into new operational processes and technology capabilities.

But because our policy administration platform is standardized, it also means every customer benefits from every improvement.

The Benefits

Partnership is a continuous process of collaboration and feedback that drives iterations within our offering.

Safe transformation

Incremental changes with short-term value

Better business outcomes

Collaboration to meet your most pressing needs


Cloud-based, self-service independence and agility


Solving the complex problems together

Discover the Lumera Alliance

Lumera Alliance is the keystone of our partnership commitment to you. It’s the governance structure that shapes how we work with customers and turns our philosophy of partnership into active collaboration and development.

Customer Specific Forums

Our Customer Specific Forums are where we meet with customers one on one. It’s how we get to understand their needs and improve our offering.

  • Personalized, regular and customer focused
  • Together we align on issues and opportunities
  • These inform the Joint Collaboration Projects

Joint Customer Forums

This is our opportunity to engage with multiple customers at once, and an opportunity for them to engage with each other. It’s how we stayed plugged in to wider industry needs.

  • Regular forums to discuss specific problems and needs
  • Industry and product focused, e.g Operational Forum and Standardized Committee
  • These inform the Joint Collaboration Projects

The Standardization Committee

The Standardization Committee is one of our joint customer forums that guides the development of standardized and efficient functions, products and processes.

  • Prioritizes development projects
  • Engages with forums that feed the projects
  • Help us deliver standardized compliance
  • Keep us accountable to the industry

Joint Collaboration Projects

Our customers guide us towards Joint Collaboration Projects – specific solutions and processes that support regulatory changes, competitive pressures and new customer demands.

  • Collaboration between customers and Lumera
  • Result in direct development of solution
  • Overseen by the Standardization Committee
  • Always have an end date with goals

How we can help you

Our customers represent the entire range of companies in the Life and Pensions industry. They are all looking to streamline their administration and recognize the benefits of using an industry-standard system by replacing multiple bespoke legacy systems.

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