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    Data migration – five lessons learned

    Migrating data to a modern platform, designed for digital customer interactions and cost-efficient administration, can be a complex and challenging exercise – but when done accurately, Life and…

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    Data visualization in the Life and Pensions industry

    In an increasingly data-driven world, it’s vital to have accessible ways to view and understand data. The Life and Pensions industry is a sector built on data and with increasing amounts being…

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    Bringing insurance Intelligence to the Data Warehouse

    Lumera believes that the future of analytics and reporting for Life and Pensions companies is to have AI embedded in insurance Intelligent Data Warehouses (IDWs) that ‘shadow’ the firm’s…

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    The five-step approach to successful AI deployment

    Deploying Artificial Intelligence into their operational workflow still feels like a leap into the unknown for many insurers. But in fact, the project methodologies and technical solutions are in…

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    Deploying AI for Life and Pensions – the recipe for success

    Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to resolve and automate everyday, real-world business issues may still feel a thing of the future to many insurers, but the knowledge, tool kits and structures are…

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    Adopting AI and automation to transform policy administration for UK Life and Pensions

    This free eBook provides valuable information on how to shift to a new, modern platform – making cost and automation breakthroughs.

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    Exposing valuable segments among customer data

    Customer data provides an opportunity to gather valuable insights into behaviours and expectations. But to realize the full potential of that data, one must first learn how to interpret it. Data…

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    AI-Powered Policy Administration System – for a composable and scalable business

    AI thrives and has most to contribute where there are large volumes of data and complex rules. Hence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a big role to play in the future of the L&P sector. Adding…

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    Take advantage of the new Dutch pension reform

    The Dutch pension system reform is forcing pension administrators to make interventions in their administration. Peter Roos, an expert at the leading insurtech company Lumera, stresses against…

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