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    Folksam is live with Allfunds Orderrouting – saves time and increases security

    Folksam is live with Itello’s Allfunds Orderrouting (Allfunds), which means that Folksam’s fund orders are sent to AllFunds, which then forwards them to each fund company. The previous…

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    Cloud financial services risk or opportunity

    Cloud financial services – risk or opportunity?

    More and more businesses are starting to adopt cloud computing as a significant part of their business and digitalization strategy and the overall confidence in the public cloud has been growing…

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    A successful 2020 and off to a good 2021

    Looking back, with the uncertain impact of the pandemic, and how it would affect us, 2020 turned out to be a very good year in terms of sales and results.

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    Itello guests the Techtrek podcast

    We’re excited to share the latest episode “Insurtech” from the Techrek podcast, with guest appearance by Henrik Allert, Vice President Industry & Product Strategy at Itello.

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    Folksam accelerates the pace of digital transformation and is now live with Inca Portal Application Framework

    Folksam’s journey towards a modern insurance company with a modern infrastructure, based on a secure and reliable foundation, continues. The legacy migration continues and the use of standard systems…

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    Embrace ecosystems for competitive advantage

    Today, embracing ecosystems is of vital importance to become more agile and future-proof, but maybe most importantly, to be able to address customers in the moment of need, which will improve customer…

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    Ingredients of a successful AI

    It is an exciting time to be in the insurance industry. This sector is on the verge of a technological transformation, with a major component being AI. The…

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    Open insurance – not if, but when

    The move towards openness and data sharing seems to be a trend that is here to stay and most likely extend beyond banking.

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    Life after covid-19

    Covid-19 has accelerated digital adoption and transformed consumer behavior

    The Covid-19 crisis, being a leading topic throughout the event, has accelerated digital adoption and transformed consumer behavior. The increasing use of technology has shaped new digital habits and…

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