Our partnership model gives us a unique vantage point over the whole Life and Pensions value chain. Discover the insights we’re picking up along the way.


    2021 – the year in review

    As another year has passed, I’m happy to look back at 2021 and say to the Lumera team: Well done, everyone! Our continuous growth and strong culture make me confident that Lumera is facing a bright…

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    A proven model for continuous digital transformation

    Over the years, Lumera has supported our customers’ migrations from multiple bespoke legacy systems to the modern policy administration environment from Lumera. Using a flexible system helps Life…

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    The result of Lumera Pulse survey – Migration

    Maintaining and supporting legacy systems, together with the inability to manage potential risks of retiring aging systems, are typical challenges faced by organizations. Keeping such systems up and…

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    The SPP legacy conversion

    As a pension company, SPP Pension & Försäkring AB (SPP) operates in a business of high complexity involving low frequency of interactions with long-lasting customers. Back in 2016, SPP…

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    The Prudent Revolution is now

    Lumera was founded on the insight that Life and Pensions is not like any other industry when it comes to change. It is uniquely obligated to its past. Pension policies were underwritten decades ago…

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    Enabling the Prudent Revolution: Lumera Migration Factory Services

    Since 2008, Lumera has migrated over 12 million policies from multiple legacy applications. Using our meticulous approach to migration, we work strategically to address customer needs and support…

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    Lumera ranks 6th among 55 largest SaaS companies in Sweden

    Breakit has qualified, together with their partner Verdane, Sweden’s 55 largest, most profitable and fastest growing SaaS companies in the Breakit SaaS report 2021 – and ranked Lumera as number 6.

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    Summary Morning Insights webinar

    Lumera invited representatives from the Nordic Life and Pensions industry to join this exciting webinar about how to prepare for the new Nordic payment infrastructure. Jan Hedestam from Lumera…

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    Transformation with Lumera

    We’ve developed a transformation model to help the Life and Pensions industry transition from the old world to the new. It’s a long, complex and highly-specialized journey. But we’ve made it…

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