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    Emerging platform business models in the Nordic Life and Pensions industry

    Business ecosystems are developing at remarkable speed, some enabled by changes in the ways we consume and produce, and others resulting from such transformation. Successful platforms like Google,…

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    Trophy of the year nominee: Nordnet Egen pensjonskonto (EPK)

    Through Trophy of the year, Lumera highlights innovative customer projects that create more efficient administrative processes, lower costs and improve quality. We want to raise attention to the…

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    Getting ready for the new Dutch pension reform

    Inevitably, the Dutch Pensions market is changing. Providers like you need a clear, and safe, path forwards, when facing the challenges – and opportunities – that come with the new Pension…

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    An increasing pace of change in the European Life and Pensions industry

    A word from our CEO: 2021 was an eventful year and we clearly feel that the pace of change in the European Life and Pensions industry is increasing, as we continue our strategic initiative to enter…

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    Lumera celebrates International Women’s Day 

    International Women’s Day, marked annually on March 8, is a global day to recognize and celebrate women’s and girls’ social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It’s also a day…

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    Lumera attends Pensioen Pro conference in Amsterdam, March 17

    On March 17, Lumera will attend the Pensioen Pro conference in Amsterdam to present our tech foundation and discuss how to succeed in a smooth transition to The New Pension Contract. Information and…

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    Digitalization with Lumera

    Life and Pensions providers can unlock immediate operational gains and future innovation by digitalizing their policy administration infrastructure. By exposing policy data across the organization,…

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    How to manage administration costs in the Life and Pensions industry

    The Insurance industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world and today’s challenges for insurers are plentiful: greater price transparency, customer cost consciousness, and…

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    The result of Lumera Pulse survey – Administration costs

    Administration costs are one of the largest expenses for life insurance companies. We wanted to find out what drives the need to reduce the administration costs in the European Life and Pensions…

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