Meet the team

Partnership is a big part of our story but it doesn’t only apply to our clients. We consider our employees partners in success. We help them reach their career goals while working together to drive the company forward.

Professional Services

Professional Services work closely with customers to implement and maintain Lumera solutions. This requires an understanding of customers’ businesses, change management skills and tech and product expertise. The teams are led by Service Delivery Managers and include application consultants, solution architects and project managers.

Research & Development

We use agile methodology in our product development. It’s a quick, flexible and customer-focused approach. Our developers use leading-edge technology to enable digital transformation for Life and Pensions. Customers constantly review our offering to ensure that it meets their present and future needs. Our Product Platform unit is also part of our R&D team.


Our Operations team provides implementation and maintenance of all Lumera products and additional services to support our customers’ businesses. The energy and skill set of the Operations team is geared towards our industry, with a unique blend of domain expertise, process understanding and tech knowledge.

Product Management

Product Management addresses every stage of the product life cycle, including planning, forecasting, development and product marketing. Their mission is to facilitate innovation, governance and maintenance of products that create long term customer value, support overall business strategy, our objectives and go-to-market strategy.

Corporate Functions

We rely on a small but talented, and growing, group of outstanding professionals to provide vital business support. Our Corporate functions include Human Resources, Finance, IT, Corporate Development, Facilities & Systems Management, and Legal.

Anne Rexmark

Chief HR Officer, CHRO

Corporate Development

Corporate Development is responsible for the development of Lumera’s business and operations, with the goal to increase profitability and long-term growth.


Sales helps build trust in our ability to execute complex projects involving our customers’ most essential and business-critical core functions. We organize customer relations through implementation projects and customer teams.


The Marketing Team Marketing’s key role is to build strong brand awareness, create market demand and drive sales conversion. In addition, the team ensures that the external face of our company supports our business and product strategy across all channels.

Customer Relations

Our CRM department manage the business relations with our existing customers. This also includes planning and implementing additional sales. The department is responsible for the entire delivery to the customer. The work is carried out in implementation projects, customer teams or with specialists from Lumera’s competence teams.