Morning Insights webinar – How to succeed with data and system migration

Evenementen | 06.04.2022

Welcome to Morning Insights webinar – How to succeed with data and system migration

April 25th, 09:00-10:00 AM CET

For Life and Pensions providers, migration is a necessary business process to drive digital change and improve operational efficiency. Whether it’s implementing a new system or shifting information to more secure storage locations, having a solid migration strategy is imperative for executive and information technology teams.

However, migration projects are often complex, time-consuming and involve multiple systems, technology, and tech teams. Due to the complexity, they often exceed deadlines, budget, and in some cases, fail entirely and harm the overall business due to flawed strategy or execution.

Lumera Morning Insights will outline the challenges of the migration process and list the best practices for system and data migration. Find out how you can get started with modernization and gain access to more integrations and automated processes, as well as how to best build your business of tomorrow.

Dos and don’ts to ensure a successful migration project

Join Lumera and our panel discussion with Monika Rappe, CIO at SPP, Jan Verlinden, Senior Director and Insurance Leader Belgium at Capgemini and Johan Fors, Solution Architect at Lumera, covering:

  • Embarking upon an automation and digitization journey
  • How to replace a fragmented IT platform
  • What drives the need for modernization of your IT landscape
  • Best practices for a successful migration

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