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    It is rellay about the customer

    According to the report, “high performers in it are consolidating the noticeable lead that they have opened up in recent years. Not only are they finding novel ways to optimize—holding down costs…

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    Time for an entirely new way to manage health declarations?

    If the customer should decide to a health declaration can be done very quickly and it should be easy to answer the questions. In addition, the insurers want the answers to be correct and relevant so…

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    Are you following the development of the reporting under FATCA?

    In the middle of February 2013, The Swedish Ministry of Finance sent a document to the US Treasury Department about how Sweden intends to report the requested control data under Foreign Account Tax…

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    A standard reduces costs in the Volvo Ocean Race! In ITP and SAF-LO?

    Volvo Ocean Race is reducing the costs for those taking part in the 2014/2015 race by up to 30 per cent by introducing a standard. All boats are built in the same way and come from the same shipyard.…

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    New business models challenge the established players

    At the Business Model Summit 2012 we heard many stories about how new business models are underestimated by the leading and established players. When it comes to changing their business models and…

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    The sale of Danica Pension redraws the map for the actors – again!

    Last week, Danske Bank revealed it was selling its entire insurance operation – Danica Pension. This redraws the map completely. This completely redraws the map for the battle for customers…

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