Our partnership model gives us a unique vantage point over the whole Life and Pensions value chain. Discover the insights we’re picking up along the way.


    Exposing valuable segments among customer data

    Customer data provides an opportunity to gather valuable insights into behaviours and expectations. But to realize the full potential of that data, one must first learn how to interpret it. Data…

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    AI-Powered Policy Administration System – for a composable and scalable business

    AI thrives and has most to contribute where there are large volumes of data and complex rules. Hence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a big role to play in the future of the L&P sector. Adding…

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    Take advantage of the new Dutch pension reform

    The Dutch pension system reform is forcing pension administrators to make interventions in their administration. Peter Roos, an expert at the leading insurtech company Lumera, stresses against…

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    Gamification in insurance – time to evaluate?

    The basic concept of gamification is not new, it has been around since the 1970s, as we know it, but the word itself wasn’t added to the English lexicon addition until the 21st century. The word…

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    Improve customer retention by predicting risk of lapse

    The importance of predicting risk of lapse Lapsing policies not only represent lost future margin for Insurers, but can often be a symptom of deeper issues around target customer segments and…

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    The result of Lumera Pulse survey – Digital participant activation

    Insurance is characterized by often complex and abstract products – it does not provide any immediate perceived benefit. Consumers find it difficult to understand what insurance products contain…

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    Highlights Morning Insights webinar – Digital participant activation in the Life and Pensions industry

    On September 27, Lumera invited prominent representatives from the Nordic Life and Pensions industry to join a webinar about digital participant activation. Peter Roos, International Business…

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    Digital revolution in the face of global recession

    We still experience the effects of the Covid pandemic, and the measures put in place to counter it. Signs of global recession are at hand, interest rates are up and inflation has returned to European…

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    Morning Insights webinar – Digital participant activation

    Welcome to Morning Insights webinar – Digital participant activationSeptember 27th, 09:00-10:00 AM CET Believe it or not, L&P is a low interest product for most people.  In contrast to the…

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