Annika Larsson

System Specialist

Why did you want to join Lumera?

The challenges and development opportunities, but also the impression already in the recruitment process that Lumera seemed to have a good working climate and cares about their staff.

What is your workday like at Lumera?

It’s hard to describe since no day is the same. As a system specialist helping our customer by solving problems, I encounter new, fun challenges every day.

Every morning we have a daily team meeting to follow up if there are any major incidents or if someone in the team needs help with cases.

I work in a great team with great teamwork, but also helpful colleagues in other departments. There is always someone I can ask for help when I’m stuck with a case.

There is a lot of competence in the organization and we all work towards the same goal, to help and have satisfied customers.

How would you describe Lumera as a workplace in just a few words?

Caring, good climate, fun. I’m glad that my first impression was right. 😊

What’s the best thing about working at Lumera?

My colleagues, my manager, and the feeling of being valued and a significant part of the organization.

(…and they also have great coffee!)