Christian Elander

Test Lead

Why did you want to join Lumera?

The job advertisement as a test leader appealed to me and then I applied for the job.

What appealed to me was that the job gave me the opportunity to be close to both the customer and the technology. Being the link between the technology, the system and the customer is what suits me best. The job gave me the opportunity to participate and contribute with my knowledge of quality assurance of systems and test work. Lumera lets its employees come up with good ideas to constantly develop and get better.

What is your work day like at Lumera?

  • I plan what will be tested in each release for the customer I work with.
  • Do manual testing.
  • Write test scenarios for automation.
  • Write test reports on how the tests went for the version the customer is to receive.
  • Customer contact with the customer’s testers and to answer their questions regarding the releases.
  • I have follow-ups with the customer and check their acceptance tests.
  • I participate in workshops for improvement work where I contribute with my knowledge of quality assurance and work processes.

What’s the best thing about working at Lumera?

That Lumera recruits talented and good people. I always have talented employees around me and I learn from them and they learn from me. It’s constant learning and we work forward to become better and more efficient. This is what motivates me to work at Lumera.